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Waterproof Roofing Solutions

Cold Liquid Applied Waterproofing & Surfacing Systems

Cold Liquid Applied Waterproofing and Surfacing Systems are advanced polymeric materials that deliver both technical excellence and exceptional waterproofing and surfacing integrity. These systems have advantages over all conventional and sheet applied materials.

The key characteristics of these systems are:

Cold applied, flame-free technology means no hot works – The hazards associated with hot works in roof installation and refurbishment have been well publicised. The major advantage of liquid applied coatings is their ‘cold’ nature which makes them extremely safe to install and significantly reduces insurance premiums. Less advanced technologies that are applied using flames or heat guns e.g. felt or asphalt, can present significant safety risks during application. In many walkway, balcony and terrace environments, the area to be waterproofed and surfaced may be the only access and this is simply not possible when there are hot works.

Substrate compatibility – Can be applied to almost all substrates or as an overlay to existing failed or failing waterproofing and surfacing systems, thus eliminating the costs, risks and disruption associated with the removal of existing waterproofing and surfacing systems.

Easy application – The material is simply applied in liquid form by brush, roller or trowel.

Rapid curing, even at low temperatures – Allowing the waterproofing and surfacing of public areas to be carried out with minimal disruption and impact on users, with the option of all year round installation and maximisation of weather windows.

Joint free – Through the avoidance of joints, seams and fixings, all weak spots are eliminated and the client is provided with a totally homogenous, seamless waterproofing solution. No joints = no leaks!

Vapour permeable – Thus allowing moisture vapour within the building to escape.

Versatility – Systems are suitable for use on all roof build-ups, structures ranging from public access walkways to domestic balconies and terraces, stairs and stairwells, muliti-storey, underground and surface car-parks.

High elasticity – System flexibility provides resistance to regular and unforeseen movements and flexural fatigue of the structure without splitting or shearing.

High film strength – Tough, durable long lasting membranes that are designed to withstand the toughest climatic and environmental conditions, offering up to 25 years’ protection.

Colour, design and finishes – A wide range of colours and finishes are available from heavy duty wearing, to smooth and anti-skid finishes, allowing for the design to be tailored to the needs of each specific project.

UV Stable – Enabling the systems to resist all types of weather conditions.

Easy to maintain – Systems achieve minimum through life costs.

Cold Liquid Applied Waterproofing and Surfacing Systems for roofs, balconies, walkways & terraces, stairs & stairwells and car parks provide a fast, cost effective solution for all projects.

By virtue of their design and construction, roofs are constantly exposed to the effects of the weather. Water ingress can cause an incalculable amount of damage in a very short period of time.

The roof membrane is arguably the single most important feature of a building. Its purpose is to protect the structure itself and provide for the comfort of the building occupants or the protection of valuable property, while constantly withstanding varying climatic conditions.


While most other facets of the building envelope receive some measure of maintenance, the roof is usually neglected until water enters the building. Over time, traditional waterproofing materials such as Felt, Asphalt, Bitumen, Single Ply and Plastic Coated Metal Sheet ultimately fail. To prevent this from happening, or to repair the roof following a failure, Cold Liquid Applied Waterproofing Systems are designed to be applied to almost any substrate or existing membrane to significantly extend the life of the roof and improve the overall appearance.


The majority of new roofs are waterproofed using sheet materials or low technology systems which offer a quick and inexpensive solution, but are prone to premature failure.

If the long term security of the roof is an issue, the roof is complex with high levels of plant and equipment, the roof is subject to high traffic loads, or future refurbishments will be difficult due to access restrictions, Cold Liquid Applied Waterproofing Systems offer a cost effective, long term solution which will add value to the structure.

Roof details and repairs

As the roof environment becomes more congested with plant and equipment such as air conditioning units, satellite fixtures, rooflights, solar panels and plant rooms, penetrations may need to be made which require secure waterproofing and sealing to the existing coatings or membranes. Detailing these features with traditional waterproofing materials is not only time consuming, but in practice creates vulnerability, potentially leading to water ingress and ultimately roof failure.

Repairs are also necessary from time to time when there is a small identifiable problem or localised damage to the existing roof construction.

Cold Liquid Applied Waterproofing Systems with their exceptional substrate compatibility and ability to deal with multiple substrates with different rates of expansion are specifically designed to solve these issues.

Balcony, walkway, terrace, stair and stairwell application

Increasingly, colour and design are becoming important to us in our homes and gardens, but are often overlooked when considering walkways, balconies and terraces. Cold Liquid Applied Waterproofing and Surfacing Systems allow the design of open living and access areas to be tailored through a range of finish options.

Cold Liquid Applied Waterproofing and Surfacing Systems are designed for the following applications:

  • Waterproofing and surfacing of cantilevered structures
  • Waterproofing and surfacing areas over occupied premises
  • Waterproofing and surfacing beneath coverings/inverted build ups
  • Waterproofing and surfacing of stairs and stairwells
  • Insulated build upwith surface waterproofing and surfacing (warm roof construction)
  • Decorative, anti-skid surfacing only


Once the protective surface of a balcony for example becomes worn or cracked, not only does it look unsightly, water can easily penetrate and damage the concrete deck beneath. This will inevitably lead to leaks which can cause disruption and damage to property and homes.

Cold Liquid Applied Waterproofing and Surfacing Systems are designed to be applied to the majority of common substrates found on balconies, walkways and terraces, whether these be private areas or heavily trafficked communal areas. This allows the costs, risks, time and disruption associated with the removal of the existing coatings to be eliminated.

New build

When considering the waterproofing and surfacing or simply surfacing of new build balconies, walkways and terraces Cold Liquid Applied Waterproofing and Surfacing Systems offer numerous benefits when compared with traditional materials.

The wide choice of system and finish variants allow colour, texture and design to be incorporated from the outset whilst minimising threshold heights compared to traditional systems. The allows designers to incorporate warm roof insulation to comply with Part L of the Building Regulations.

Some unique benefits include:

Durability – Long term solutions in potentially high space change environments. Thick layer, heavy duty systems provide good levels of slip resistance which are maintained over time.

Colour range – Virtually any colour available, minimising constraints and maximising design potential.

Construction suitability – Designed for all common substrates including concrete, asphalt and even steel, and for all frame and deck construction types.

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