Rateavon Jersey

Car Park application

Cold Liquid Applied Waterproofing and Surfacing Systems have been specifically designed to provide the highest quality waterproofing, surfacing, protection, marking and repair services for multi-storey, underground and surface car parks.

Cold Liquid Applied Waterproofing and Surfacing Systems have allowed for the introduction of colour and design to what are often neglected areas, offering superior quality solutions combined with unrivalled opportunities for creativity in design.

Some unique benefits include:

Durability – Long term solutions in potentially high space change environments. Thick layer, heavy duty systems provide good levels of slip resistance which are maintained over time.

Colour range – Virtually any colour available, minimising constraints and maximising design potential.

Construction suitability – Designed for all common substrates including concrete, asphalt and even steel, and for all frame and deck construction types.

Roof top car parks – Solutions for waterproofing car parks directly over occupied premises, perhaps the most difficult structures to waterproof.

Aesthetic enhancement

Many car parks are difficult to navigate, feature low quality markings, and create a poor impression for users. For shoppers in particular, the car park is the ‘front door’ to the shopping experience. Cold Liquid Applied Waterproofing and Surfacing Systems can dramatically enhance the appearance of the car park and provide a safe, efficient environment for users.